"Not Enough Lace"- FOG R comp

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"Not Enough Lace"- FOG R comp

Post by martymagnificent » Fri Jun 13, 2014 8:40 pm

Not Enough Lace FOG:R competition

Hello All,

After another successful Melee competition, this time held at 'the Games Cube' Level 2, 79-81 Phillip St Parramatta, the decision was made that we'd try to hold a FoG:R Competition in August.

At this stage I've tentatively put the date down as the 23rd & 24th of August, but have to confirm with Lindsay at the Games Cube if this date will work out.

I feel that this would be a fantastic opportunity for those people who are interested in FoG:R but unable to attend the FoG:R comp at MOAB.

The competition will be as follows:

15mm Field of Glory: Renaissance (FoG:R)

This is an 800a.p. open competition with any army from any list.

Players are permitted to submit two lists. The first, and primary list must comply with all minimums and maximums from the selected list. This list will be used unless the player has clearly announced that he is using his alternative list during the 'detached shot' section of the setup rules. It is suggested that players become familiar with the setup sequence as laid out in page 177&178 of the rules. The second list may be used only if the 'detached shot' option is being used and must comply with pages 182-183 of the rule book. A secondary list is only available if submitted to the organiser prior to the commencement of play on the first day.

All players must provide their own terrain.

Games will be 3 hours + a random number of minutes not less than 10 minutes and not more than 30 minutes. Once time is called players will conclude their current phase if it would affect the outcome of the game. There will be two games each day.
There is a slight rules modification that I will be employing:

"Uncontrolled or captured artillery are removed immediately after 'Move Routers and Pursuers' of the Joint Action Phase."

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