2013 Emperor's Legion English Civil War Tournament, Tables.

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2013 Emperor's Legion English Civil War Tournament, Tables.

Postby Midshipman Easy » Fri Jul 12, 2013 8:11 pm

Table 1.

Straight forward except the ridge running down the middle. From the far end to the building in the middle the ridge counts as steep (half movement and no charge bonus for cav) and gentle thereafter (no effect).

Table 2.

Almost a bowling green except for the stream on one flank that cost 1" movement to cross.

Table 3.

Similar to the last but the stream runs down the centre and again cost 1" to cross.

Table 4.

Villages and a small light woods just to make things a little interesting. (Only infantry may enter the towns. Woods slow formed bodies to half speed).

Table 5.

Just a couple of light woods just to be a little annoying.
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