2013 Emperor's Legion English Civil War Tournament.

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2013 Emperor's Legion English Civil War Tournament.

Post by Midshipman Easy » Fri Jul 12, 2013 7:35 pm

Gday All,

As has been announced previously the Legion has been holding it's third annual ECW Tournament. The first two rounds have been played (Sunday 7th July) with the next 2 rounds to be played on the 11th of August.

We had 8 players in the end though we might have had more except for a few unexpected happenings. I'll put the rounds and the results here and post photos of the games elsewhere game by game. The two games I played will be described in some detail whilst the others can add details to their games if and when they fell like it. The results will be in brackets after the name with the resulting point score and finally the standings table at the end.

Armies being used were:
King's Army of Ireland (Rick)
1st Civil War Royalist (Louis, Rob, Grahame, Brett)
1st Civil War Scots Covenanter (Michael)
3rd Civil War Scots Covenanter (Russ)
New Model (Tony)


Round 1
Rick (Loss 5pts) vs Tony (me Win 25pts)
Russ (Loss 10pts) vs Michael (Win 15pts)
Louis (Loss 5pts) vs Brett (Win 25pts)
Grahame (Loss 5pts) vs Rob (Win 25pts)

Round 2
Rick (Win 20pts) vs Louis (Loss 10pts)
Tony (Loss 10pts) vs Rob (Win 20pts)
Russ (Win 25pts) vs Grahame (Loss 5pts)
Michael (Loss 10pts) vs Brett (Win 20pts)

Current Standings
1st: Rob and Brett (45pts)
3rd: Tony and Russ (35pts)
5th: Rick and Michael (25pts)
7th: Louis (15pts)
8th Grahame (10pts)

Midshipman Easy
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Re: 2013 Emperor's Legion English Civil War Tournament.

Post by zod56 » Sat Jul 13, 2013 1:54 pm

I did have a bad start to this years event, being beaten by Tony in the first round has sought of brought me down to earth (with a thud!)LOL But I must congratulate him on a well played game.

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Re: 2013 Emperor's Legion English Civil War Tournament.

Post by Admin Fella » Sat Jul 13, 2013 10:21 pm

Good event mate, thanks for posting details and pics. :)

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Re: 2013 Emperor's Legion English Civil War Tournament.

Post by evadestruction » Sun Jul 14, 2013 6:36 pm

Anyone interested in the club...it doesnt end with this tourny...we would like to increase the membership so feel free to check us out. Any game can be played even if we dont play it, including fantasy, just bring along your game and a friend and setup.

Yes and lots of fun being had...but nearing the end of first game I figured out my army was indeed smaller [and not just because it was a 1960's "s series" minfigs army..hee hee the scrawny little buggers] but that I had actually started with less troops/points ...

It seems somewhere along the line the points had been changed from 1250 to 1500 points and unfortunately I hadnt read it......leaving me with a 1250 point army against a 1500 point army... but it was better that the mistake was mine and not my opponents.

But I agree with 1500 points as it makes for a better distributed army anyway a more interesting army..indeed while eating lunch I was glad because to me the more troops the better it looks [piddly units well look piddly]..gaming is about the visual/modelling part of the hobby for me. 1500 is good...I'd avocate even more for the visual of large pike blocks but not for extra units by simply increasing the unit sizes rather than number of units.. because frankly large pike units look great..big units are good...

nevertheless thats war...and we soldier on with codrol soldier on..with codral we soldier on...or is that cod pieces

so at lunch time with a quick increasing my foot by 4 figs each unit and upgrading my cav and with a few extra sub generals I was able to get those 1500 points and still eat lunch so all was good as I was busting for lunch as I didnt have time to pickup Maccas on the way there..hee hee ...love those hash browns before the club....yumm yumm [note newcomers shops and Tin Soldier are 1 minute away]

Not being a tourny lover nor a points player I will admit my time advertising it on here and on another site did get promotion of the club around with Bret and Robert to join in the tourny, and to me thats the good of tourneys bringing in outsiders maybe some stay. robert already a semi regular and brett joining in...

Come along with your games..we will accomodate players
cheers Russ

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