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Code of Conduct

Post by Admin Fella » Sat Apr 25, 2009 8:15 pm

Some basic rules for which we should all abide:

The internet allows us the convenient opportunity to not only communicate, but share and enjoy our interests from almost anywhere in the world. This forum is part of that with the intention of offering Australian based wargamers and hobby enthusiasts the means not only to exchange, share and view their workings with other Australians, but also like minded people from around the world and conversely them with us. With this in mind some guidelines are needed to ensure the best chance of things running smoothly.

Introducing Yourself
This is probably the one guideline that is truly a "guideline". With all of us from a myriad of places and associated experiences, take the opportunity to introduce yourself and let us know a bit about you. It does not have to be much, but maybe where you are from and your areas of interest would be enough. Not compulsory, but certainly encouraged. :)

Be Polite
This seems fairly straight forward, but can be easily lost within the anonymity of the internet. Common courtesy is important, but critical in this arena where the written form does not convey tone or inflection. When positing or reading a comment, take the time to read and re read it to try and ensure its clarity.

Remember: "The message sent is not necessarily the message received!"

If you read something that you find rude, offensive or generally inappropriate, then politely ask for clarification. If this does not resolve it, resist the urge to get into an argument with the person and inform a moderator and/or the admin and it can be looked at.

Swearing, personal attacks, stirring, baiting and dragging real life disputes online to here will not be tolerated!

Stay on Topic
Yep we can all be guilty of this little discretion. Keep it in mind and do not be surprised if you do go off topic that you post is deleted!

Avatars and Screen names
Avatars: Fairly easy, keep them clean

Screen names: Whether you use your own or make one up that is up to you. Just remember those who wish to remain "enigmatic" by using one, they will not be tolerated as a front to misbehave! If someone inadvertently posts your real name or another "nick name" you have and you do not like it, politely mention it and inform a moderator or admin if you wish the reference to be removed.

Breaching the Code
It is understood that mistakes and miscommunication happens. But it is best not to push it!

I have tried to keep it simple. If you feel an area needs clarification, expanding or another added, please post or let me know.

The forum in no way wishes to stifle robust debate and conversation, in fact i along with most of you would encourage it, just remember that the forum is here for the enjoyment of all and to consider your words (as we all generally do in day to day interactions) before commenting. If you cannot say something without being rude or offensive then it may be best to not say it.

Please remember that posting on this forum is a privilege, not a right. Please consider that when posting. If your post is removed then there is good reason for it and you can contact moderators/admin if required.

Any moderator/admin should lead by example with this code and strive to ensure their conduct reflects the interest of this forum and its aims. Their personal wishes for the forum should reflect this and should not be influenced by any bias whether personal or commercial.

This Code applies to all members.

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