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Blucher AAR - The Battle of Alexandria

Posted: Sun Sep 02, 2018 10:58 am
by Captain Darling
We were after a game for this fortnight so I visited the ‘oldmeldrumwargamesgroup’ site and seconded one of Ross’s fine scenarios for Blucher,I picked the Battle of Alexandria.

I cobbled together a tabletop, using an off white sheet, my river section to represent the coastline, some felt for a lake, painted masking tape for a dry canal and whipped up a Roman ruin BUA to complete the set up. My figures aren't 1801 period but sufficed for the game!

How the game panned out...the French are on the left; the blue arrows show the path of the first two French attacks the red ones show the advance of the French right and lastly the green arrows show the last French advance and the grand ride of Finch's Light Dragoons...

The result a draw with two British units lost and three French ones destroyed. At the end the French army was fully spent with many units down to their last fatigue point whilst most of the British units had taken heavy casualties as well. Everyone enjoyed yet another round of Blucher.

The British Guard in Line await the French Dragoon's second grand charge!

Mid game the French right can be seen in disorder and regrouping (rallying) in the top left, bottom left the French men of Reynier advance to cover them

The full AAR with more picture are on the TSOG Blog...
http://toysoldiersforoldgits.blogspot.c ... ndria.html