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AWRG Napoleonic Mini Competiton

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Napoleonic Mini CON 2016
Players Handbook
25mm Horse and Musket Comp
Organisers and Referee

All players attending Napoleonic Mini con 2016 will have to have an army list for their particular army that they intend to field for the competition, from 1790 up to 1815.
This competition is for European Armies.

Army Points
All armies will be purchased from a 1250 points pool. Which will nominally represent a small independent division and MUST be historically justified or using the following references:

• The French Revolutionary War (sources Cheltenham/Redbook)
• The Napoleonic Wars in Europe (many)

Army Lists
Players submitting army lists must stipulate the year of their army that they intend to field and provide a copy or your army list on the day to enable your opponent to view your list if requested. Also a copy of your list will need to be forward to Dominic.

Dominic O'Dwyer contact details are: Email:

Army Presentation

Army List Restrictions and Mandatory requirements

• All army lists must have at least one artillery battery within them. It doesn’t matter if it is foot or horse, unless there is a historical precedence of only one type being available to the army. No battery can exceed 6 models
• At least 1 unit of cavalry must be taken within each army.
• Only 1 * 6 figure Cavalry will be allowed if it is historically justified and must be approved by the organiser before the 10 March 2016.
• No Mixed Brigades are allowed unless there is a historical justification.
• Cavalry must be brigaded together, infantry brigaded together, foot Artillery batteries must be assigned to a brigade.
• Horse artillery batteries must be attached to cavalry brigades. If there is no cavalry Brigade within the army list then horse batteries may not be selected.
• The maximum number of units for cavalry brigades is 3.
• The minimum & maximum for infantry Battalion/Regiments/Units is 3 up to 6.

• National Characteristics for all armies are in play – All players that want new characteristics include with their army must discuss these characteristics with Dominic O'Dwyer prior to the comp and have them approved before the 10 March 2016. Email:
• NO Units are able to be directly under the control of the C in C

Organisation of the Competition

• Game 1 Saturday 12th March 2016 0930 to 1200
• Game 2 Saturday 12th March 2016 1300 to 1530
• Games 3 Saturday 12th March 2016 1600 to 1830



Players dice to sides, highest dice chooses which side of the table they wish.
A board will be placed in the centre of the table while both armies are deployed.
Deployment will be 300 paces from the back edge and 300 paces from the side edge.
Once deployment has been completed, the board will be removed and the game will commence.
Both players dice and the player with the highest dice roll will move first.
Game will end in the first players H to H Phase by the time limit is reached.

Competition Trophies and Prizes

Although it is not about the winning in these events it is always nice to give some rewards for those that do well (or, in some cases, spectacularly badly!).
Trophies will be awarded for the First, Second and third places.
Gentleman’s award

Rules and other considerations for the Competition

The rules that will be in use will be Australian WRG and insert attachment dated September 2013 will be available via the web page

Players seeking a resolution decision

Players seeking a resolution may ask for advice from the referee but that decision is final and no argument may be entered into.
Please read and familiarise yourselves with the rules and follow the sequencing of play and you will not come unstuck.

Rule Clarifications

Any queries on the above will be answered by email just post your questions. Clarification can be sought form Dominic O'Dwyer or George Stosic via the AWRG website, or our private emails if you wish to keep it quiet.

Victory Points Clarifications

Concluding the Game
The game finishes at the end of the Hand to Hand Phase for the player that moved first.

Capturing Colours and Objectives

If a unit is destroyed in Hand to Hand Combat or surrenders during the game, the other player receives a 20 Point bonus for capturing their Colours or other regimental trophies.

Concluding the Game
The game finishes at the end of the Hand to Hand Phase for the player that moved first.

Determining the Winner
The winner of the game is determined as follows:
• Full point value of Permanently Shaken Infantry, Cavalry.
• Deduct Full points for Staff, Guns and Engineers either Captured/ Destroyed or Surrendered troops.
• Deduct full point’s value for Routing, and Off-Board units;


We will be using the baggage element theme as per Cancon 2016
• Baggage element will be 180cm in length and 60cm in Depth
• Must be deployed in the open
• Must be deployed in your deployment zone
• No additional cost
Baggage Combat Factors
• Baggage can only defend itself
• Factors for H to H combat are:
• 4 verses all cavalry
• 1 verses all Infantry
• Counts as 3 elements if attack from the front edge
• Counts as 2 elements if attacked from the side

The highest scoring side wins.

Deployment, Terrain and other Clarifications
Pre-set terrain will be in use on the day, with the aim of speed games up, eliminating the need to roll terrain prior to a game.

Flank Marches
All flank marching will be conducted as per the rules.

Organisers Reminder on Time Constraints
Everybody please remember this is a competition and time is often critical. If there is any procrastination please feel free to hurry up the other player or ask me to do it.
Competition games will only last 2.5 HOURS, .
Cheers George and Dom. this deployment.

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