Why is cavalry so slow?

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Why is cavalry so slow?

Postby Gavo » Thu Aug 13, 2015 7:03 pm

My grumble, why is canon when firing roundshot over powered and under ranged and why is cavalry so slow? Not aimed at any rule set specifically, this occurs in all rules I have seen and read so far.
Is it something that was started in the early days of gaming and has continued or do the authors of the rules have a reason to do this.
Muskets could manage about 200m but were only accurate at less than half that and artillery could fire over a mile (1600m) but were only accurate at about half that distance. So artillery crews could fire successfully at up to 800m, 8 x times the muskets distance but no one shows this in their rules.
A horse can travel 4 times the distance at a walk than a man can but would usually trot or canter, which is even faster, on a battle field. Yet most rules allow cavalry to only travel twice the distance of the infantry.

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