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Lasalle - Intro games

Post by straylight » Fri Oct 10, 2014 10:18 am

Darling was free last Tuesday and I was on holidays (teacher) so we got the long postponed intro game of Lasalle under our belts. I have played Lasalle maybe half a dozen times but not for a year, so the rules took some time to come back to me.

We played 2 games, the first without terrain to get the mechanics correct. Darling (Pete) played the French and I took up the Austrians. 20mm plastics, based 40mm width.

4 line battalions
4 medium cannon
3 light cannon (HA)
unit of Hussars
unit of Dragoons
2 commanders

2 large units of line
2 units of line
3 light cannon (HA)
1 large unit of cuirassier
1 commander

I imposed linear tactics on the Austrians, so they couldn't charge unless in line.


nice straightforward game, my left flank was set upon by both the hussars and dragoons with support from Pete's HA, who broke through. Rusty on the rules but ironed out most of the problems.

Game 2 introduced scenery and short table edge deployment, objective was control of the crossroads.

both sides advanced but I was able to get there first. Pete combined his artillery and nerfed any ideas I had of using the right flank. I attempted to charge the guns with my cuirassiers, but couldn't maneouvre to escape fire from both batteries and Pete rolled 9 hits out of 14 dice to eliminate them. Pete then owned the right.

The cuirassiers lurk behind the woods, lining up for an oblique charge on the guns.

On the left, my long lines pushed the french back slowly, but couldn't prevent his cavalry from outflanking me as they rode from the right flank to the left. A rearguard action from a square prevented too much damage, but the Hussars rode up the road and swanned around a bit, before Pete moved his artillery to bear on my remaining lines.

an Austrian square watches the french cavalry ride around it, enroute to the crossroads

Pete's artillery wiping out the large unit of Austrians, who, with nothing left to do, were sacrificed.

Good fun games, easy to underestimate the subtleties of Lasalle. Linear obstacles remain a nightmare, the crossroads were all but impassable to the lines of both sides, not helped by putting rough terrain behind the walls. I've read the errata to the movement rules, but they are still clumsy. I think it is best to introduce house rules and common sense where there are 2 walls in close proximity and rough ground on either side. We should also have allowed a linear obstacle to split a line down the centre, companies marching up either side of it rather than stumbling as if crossing it.

easy to lose track of the turn sequence, so Pete proudly demonstrates the Colonel's Pink Baton which was handed with pride between us.

Thanks for the games Pete, 15mm minis next time. Great terrain.


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Re: Lasalle - Intro games

Post by Captain Darling » Mon Oct 13, 2014 6:26 pm


Who is that handsome fellow carrying the pink baton of power...oh it's me!

I found Lassale a good set of rules I'll keep an eye out for a hard copy (if I can't get one I'll follow up the PDF version but I'm old fashion and the professionally printed copies).

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