1/56 Home Made River & Sarissa Bridge

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1/56 Home Made River & Sarissa Bridge

Postby Captain Darling » Mon Apr 25, 2016 2:32 pm

Well when I picked up the Sarissa building I also got their Bridge and Radar Station kits too as both will be usefull in upcoming games I have in mind.

The bridge was easy to assemble and I painted it with cheap rattle can grey primer and the concrete pylons got a shot of rattle can machine grey. Then I hand painted the walking ramp boards and added a piece of wet and dry sandpaper to road section of the bridge and all sorted! Quick and easy.

For the river I used the gap filler technique I've used with other scales. I used some MDF as a base spread the gap filler then painted it green/blue (a bit too much green in the end buy hey its algea time) with off white highlights. Then I glued some sand to the edges which got a brown wash.

Put the two together with some of my 28mm Brits and you get...



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