Siberian wooden fort completed Scratch 28mm

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Siberian wooden fort completed Scratch 28mm

Postby nevermore » Sat Jan 09, 2016 9:32 pm

Siberian wooden fort completed Scratch 28mm

I think its completed now, i still got to add iccicles hanging on the walls need to take photos of that, i got the dolls hinges up at last so now the doors open and close.

I still need to add more thicker snow in parts but i think i am happy with this as the snow really does give it that feel of a cold place and brings out those iccicles.

The front gate with the doors shut

photos upload

Now open at last

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damaged wall add for effect, the snow that came in my post really does go along way, and it won't yellow over time.


front side of the Siberian wall, good place to go to keep warm and cover

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About 3 foot long on this side once put together, other side is almost completed, looks pretty cool when its all put together.

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Inside of the damaged wall, again i think the snow just gives it that little bit more to it.

image share

Again inside of another wall, i think it would look abit dull mostly painted brown colours, i do think putting the snow in right places brings the colours out

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Overall still have work to do, but no point in taking anymore photos of it, just small touch of frost and ice needs to be put around, i really did like creating this 28mm monster and got alot out of it, once the table boards are done its time to have a war, going to begin next on the seige equipment.

Hope you like it Malc

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