28mm US Football/Gridiron Miniatures

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28mm US Football/Gridiron Miniatures

Post by arnhem_chris » Wed Dec 31, 2008 10:16 am

I used to have Heroes miniatures, who manufactured such a range back in the UK, but for some reason sold them on ..... not the first time I've made that mistake with figures, and then later wanted to play again ..... so figures for

Quarterback (1 normally)
Running Back (2 normally)
Centre (1 normally)
Offensive Guards/Tackles (2 of each normally)
Tight End (no spurious comments!) (1 normally)
and Wide Receivers (2 normally)

Nose Tackle (1 or 2 normally)
Defensive End (2 normally)
Linebackers (3 or 4 normally)
Safeties/Cornerbacks (4 normally)

Special Teams
Kicker (1)
Place Holder (1)
Punter (1)

It would be at least 22 figures per team (11 Offense/11 Defense), but then deciding on backups and your preference for different formations, you could go up to about 45/47 figures per team, and then of course most people would want two teams (for opposition), so I'd say initially that I would want 90-100 figures .... of course figures like the linebackers can be in different poses (set, or blitzing etc)

any interest?


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Re: 28mm US Football/Gridiron Miniatures

Post by Dropbear » Wed Dec 31, 2008 11:01 am

might be interested... are there any rules out there for them though?

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