Trader's list and feedback collection

a place to leave feedback about trades , where Cdm will compile it and sort it..
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Trader's list and feedback collection

Post by CdM » Tue Sep 09, 2008 8:34 pm

Welcome to the Rum Corps Tavern feedback collation topic. This is a tidy little topic all to myself in which I will be collating all the positive feeback (yes there will only be positive feedback I hope.)

To help other users and yourself get the most out of your trading here, it is important we trust and respect each other. To help give some confidence in dealing with each other the RCT is implementing a very limited feedback system so that prospective buyers and sellers can get a better idea of whether or not they are dealing with someone who has a history of fair dinkum Aussie trading goodness.

Obviously there are no guarantees that anyone with a positive feedback number will not go wonky, so please always bear in mind that something could go wrong and ensure you take reasonable steps at all times to ensure your own protection. The feedback system is indicative of good behaviour.

This system is voluntary, and relies upon YOU the trading people to leave feedback on how your trading with other users has gone.

When Do I leave Feedback?
When you have conducted a trade (either buying or selling) via a topic post within the trading section of this site, and the transaction has concluded, then you are morally obliged to leave feedback on how the transaction went. Out of respect it is hoped you will leave feedback as promptly as you can within reason.

If you are the recipient of a gift - ie someone has offered an item free to the first interested party then you shall leave feedback on the person who has given you the gift. The person who has received the gift does not receive feedback from the generous soul doing the donating. This can be a touchy feely subject regarding feedback for the receiver, but that's my starting position. We can discuss it openly if everyone else disagrees strongly.

How Do I leave Feedback?
To leave feedback on your transaction as seller or buyer, simply make a new post in the Feedback forum. I don't care what the subject title is, make it flowery and funny to brighten up your own day :) Within the body of the post simply state the membership name of the person you are dealing with (not their real life name and spell it right) and either a +1 or -1. Do not use funky fonts, smileys or any decoration, but keep it plain and simple. Then give a very brief description of what it was for.

This is so YOU can cross of what you have done if you get confused about something later on and so that your trading partner can keep track (if they wish) of which trades you are leaving feedback for. This is NOT compulsory, just encouraged

A +1 indicates a positive experience in which goods were recieved and you have mutually concluded the deal.

A -1 indicates a negative experience in which goods were not received or payment not made as should have been expected, and the deal has NOT been concluded successfully. It really really helps me if when posting a -1 that you also change the font colour to RED so it stands out. Note: The feedback forum is not the place to get negative experiences resolved. I am only the collator of records and I am unable to help at all. Be aware that a -1 will be forever stuck next to your name, more +1's DO NOT cancel it out.

Do NOT include any erroneous text in the body of your post, as it will only confuse me :(

To show an example, the body of your post should look like this:

CdM +1 for 600 saurus warriors
For positive feedback

CdM -1 did not pay for 600 saurus warriors
For negative feedback

If you are dealing with multiple people and wish to leave lots of feedback all in one post, do so. Do NOT reply to your initial post with a second one adding in any new people, simply edit your existing post and add them there. It makes it easier for me. If you can't find a post of yours that already exists to edit, just make a new one, do NOT get hung up over it. You DO NOT have to go back and find a post you made 2 days before and edit it, just make a new one.

You should leave a +/- 1 for each different person within an individual topic that you made a transaction with. For example, if you bought 2 Pz IV, 3 JS2's and a partridge in a pear tree within CdM's sale topic, you leave only a +1 for Cdm for all of them combined, not for each sub item. If however, you bought bought 2 Pz 1's in a WW2 sale topic, and then bought 20 Uruk Hai from the same person in this second sale topic, then you would leave a +1 for each transaction. Naturally as a seller offering multiple items within one topic, the same still applies to each buyer within that topic.

Sometimes we all run into a transaction that is successful but needed heaps of prompting and alot of time to resolve. We all have bad times, like new babies, mad work bosses and weather disasters that can make us seem poor when we aren't. If you are moved to be disgruntled enough about a successful trade, simply PM (private message) me that you are leaving a +1 BUT you would like to leave a note that it took a long time to get resolved or the idiot posted all his Golden Demon painted figures in a plain envelope and the post crammed them through your mail slit destroying them all. I WILL NOT get involved in the transaction, but I WILL make a note in my records that it occured. This IS ONLY in case someone starts to show a history of kiting the limits of decent behaviour, at least we will get a flagging of issues before they may become abit much to deal with.

Never post a reply to anyone's feedback and do not engage in any social chit chat in this forum.

What do I do after I leave Feedback?
When you leave feedback, you will naturally have the courtesy to advise your trading partner that you have left feedback and that the transaction is completed. Beyond that, your role in the system is completed. However, you might like to ensure your trading partner does leave feedback for you.

If you are a seller or someone with a Wanted post, and that post is now completed and feedback has been left, then please delete it so that it minimises the site database for backup, or edit it to remove the material that has been dealth with so that your topic is nice and fresh for new prospective buyer/sellers visiting it.

Beyond that, it's over to me to collate your feedback and update the listings with your +1's. Once I have dealt with your post into the system I will delete your post for ever.

The collation looks like this:

Abc 21
CdM 17
Dfg 2

When CdM gets alzheimers and starts to forget what he's doing and make some bad trades he will look like this:

Abc 23
CdM 17 -1
Dfg 3

When I take my meds and get back on track, updates will look like this

Abc 23
CdM 21 -1
Dfg 4

I am having trouble living up to my part of the bargain
If you are a buyer and having money flow issues, work on the road like I do alot and can't get to banking facilities at decent hours, work shift work, call outs, rosters of bad hours etc, then WARN the seller when you express interest. If it may take a week for payment, say so upfront, you will find people very obliging usually unless they want a quick sale.

If you find yourself unable to pay for your deal in a reasonable amount of time be honest about it and say so in your reply to the sellers topic, and ALSO advise them in a PM, as soon as you realise. If you have to back out of the deal, SAY SO as soon as practical as a reply to the topic and also in a PM. People respect honesty and humility, and we all get 'eyes bigger than our belly' syndrome occasionally and can be impuilse buyers. If you find you have to check the wife, finances, your work schedule or whatever, make sure if you ask a seller to hold an item for you to check, that you also give a time limit that can expire without you saying either way so that the seller can get on with the deal with others.

If you are a seller and have the same issues, say so in your sale topic.

If you have a life crisis and are unable to attend to your deals for an unreasonable length of time, advise the person you are dealing with in a PM, and ALSO send me a PM so that I can add your name to the warnings list so people don't bug admins about you disappearing. Make sure you advise of when you can attend to your deals, or if someone else is doing it for you, who they are.
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Re: Trader's list and feedback collection

Post by CdM » Tue Sep 09, 2008 8:48 pm

Bad Traders and Warnings
Be good people, I don't want any bad traders listed here

There are NO bad traders
No, there never will be, will there :P

There are no warnings to give at the moment
Warnings are notes for people who have deals underway that may then have some issues in their life restricting their ability to conduct their deals. For example, you have a massive car crash and are in hospital for 2 weeks. Just let us know :)

CdM's Tips for a happy stress free life
To aid in successful transactions, here's a few pointers:

Try paying a little extra for registered post. It's currently about $2.60 for registered mail within Australia. It is much harder for Australia Post to lose and it can't be thieved from your mail box. The person sending should keep the receipt so you can prove you at least mailed something.

As a buyer always pack your items in a box with suitable padding so that figures do not bounce around, can't be crushed by being thrown around in Post Office transit, and books can't be bent and dinted. As a seller always ask for your items to be posted in a box unless you are happy otherwise. Also rememebr that while we are a dry country it does rain. Books sent in transit can end up being soaked at the other end by sitting in an open letterbox all day. Send books at least in a padded envelope, cause they are at least plastic lined with bubbles.

Be specific about what you are wanting to buy in a sellers list. Some people will be selling beautifully painted and made figures, by all means post an oohh ahhh reply but start the post by saying you have NO interest in a purchase, because your waffle afterwards may hint accidentally that you are interested and confuse some genuine buyer into not expressing an interest.

If a seller is selling a group of items as a job lot, expressing an interest in one of those items does not give you any priority whatsoever unless the seller LATER decides to split the job lot. Saying you like the Jagdtiger but don't want the Pz IV's does not entitle you to come back later and say you want everything now and expect to be the front runner over someone who came along later and said they would take it all as a job lot. If you say 'gee I like that Alien Queen but I don't need the APC, ' it means diddley squat buddy, and whining later on when I say I'll take the job lot, and you cry you were first in line, then really buddy you need to grow up and think about how old you really are. If you want it all, say so, if you want to express an interest if a job lot is later split, then say so very very clearly what you are interested in.


The Good Traders list

Post by CdM » Tue Sep 09, 2008 8:51 pm

Listed here are the members of this site listed by their membership name and how many successful and unsuccessful transactions they have been involved in. This listing is in alphabetical order, numerics and funky characters at the end.

Good Traders list.

Adynrobert 1
Arnhem_chris 2
Barry S 1
Blue Willow 4
Cardinal Biggles 6
CdM 2
Christo 7
Great White Zulu 1
Mick 4
Ragnar 4
rct75001 1
starkadder 1
Wazzabear 2

Do not post replies to this topic unless you wish to discuss the rules and concepts shown within. Do not post replies about actual feedback or issues with other trading people.

In all cases of worries, disputes and so on chat to the big wigs in a PM first.

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